Shallow Thought, Deep Mind
What you Need to Succeed, Thrive,
and Make the World Better

A practical, self-help book by Dr Wayne Somerville
Clinical Psychologist, Horseman, Bush Regenerator, Activist

Dr Wayne Somerville’s Shallow Thought, Deep Mind is for everyone who takes on life’s challenges and dreams of a brighter tomorrow. Drawing on his experiences as a clinical psychologist, horseman, bush regenerator, and environmental activist, Wayne guides you on a journey to discover who you really are, what you could be, and how you can make the world better. You will learn how to go beyond shallow thinking to tap into the power of your deep mind.

In this post-truth age, as problems proliferate, reason retreats. The human spirit is strong; there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with our human mind. But in times like these, the ancient, simple ways of thinking and behaving that got us here threaten to take us out. The way we use our mind is both the problem and the promise. Our thoughts and actions will determine what follows for us and for the generations to come. The wisdom of our deep mind can transform lives and the world, but success will depend on how we put it to work.

Part 1 looks at shallow thought - what it is and how it can create trouble - and what it takes to find solutions to big problems. It explores the evolutionary role that shallow thinking has played in the survival of our kind across time. The book then discusses three big challenges from the author’s life: to find gentle therapies for psychological trauma, to develop a treatment for forest dieback, and to protect rural communities from invasive gas field industrialisation. The challenges appear different, but all could be solved only by going beyond shallow thinking to the deep mind. Even the most complex problems can be solved when you have the key.

In Part 2, Shallow Thought, Deep Mind examines the ‘Key Mental Processes’ that determine all we know and do. Why ‘key’? Because understanding and knowing how to use these processes unlocks the power of the creative deep mind.

The human mind is a wondrous system, too fast and fluid to get a handle on while it’s in full flight. And our conscious attention is limited; much goes on that we are not aware of. In separate chapters, Dr Somerville slows things down and teases the mind apart so the reader can grasp the Key Mental Processes of perception, memory, imagination, belief, language, emotions, intuition, sleep and dreaming as they combine seamlessly to create our reality.

‘Perception’ zeros in on where our bodies end and the external world begins. ‘Memory and Imagination’ investigates how we can learn from the past and plan the future. ‘Beliefs’ frees us from limiting ideas and fosters attitudes that generate success. ‘Language’ breaks word spells that harm, mislead, and restrict, and shows us how to use powerful, respectful language to motivate ourselves and influence others. In ‘Emotions’ we learn to appreciate our emotions - both positive and negative - and listen to what they tell us. ‘Intuition, Sleep, and Dreams’ takes us to the mysterious realm of the unconscious and sleeping minds where we can learn from an ancient but subtle wisdom that doesn’t speak in words.

Finally, Dr Somerville takes stock, looks to the future, and asks ‘what’s it going to take?’ We need the bright light of knowledge and truth to counter a growing dark - intense enough to illuminate a new age of enlightenment and revitalise commitment to reason and human dignity.

We’ve been the problem. It’s time to become the solution.
It won’t be easy; nor should it be too hard.

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isbn.sku: 9780648062820
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publication date: 8/1/2017
book type: b&w 6x9" 229X152 mm perfect bound on creme w/gloss laminate cover
pages: 330
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Subjects: self-help, personal growth, success, stress management, creativity


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