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Welcome to Creek's Bend

Toonumbar, NSW, Australia

On Creek's Bend a series of ridges and gullies run from the Richmond Range down to the Iron Pot Creek. Grey gum-grey ironbark forests with associations of spotted gum, bloodwood and tallowwood dominate the ridgetops. In the valleys, wet sclerophyll forests with brush box, turpentine, flooded gum, and blue gum give way to subtropical rainforest in the gullies.

To the north, the Iron Pot Creek begins as springs high in the rainforests of the World Heritage Toonumbar National Park, and then flows through Creek's Bend to Toonumbar Dam.

Susan and Wayne Somerville have owned Creek's Bend for 30 years. Professionally, Susan has a Honours Degree in biology and Wayne is a registered clinical psychologist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a Doctor of Psychology degree.  

Through this website we want to share our passions for our small part of the planet, Creek's Bend and Toonumbar, bush regeneration, the environment, the fight against Coal Seam Gas industrialisation, clinical psychology, and some other things.

We hope you find something to interest you.

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